Product launch

Use this template to outline your launch in a proven format that clearly explains your product's benefits.

Get a head start on your product release by starting with the following elements:

  1. Header. Very important as this will be used as your main eye catcher. Spending extra time on getting this right will pay off. Focus on explaining the why - the benefit of using your product.
  2. Social pitch. Summarize your story in 140 characters plus hashtags. The goal is to provide your readers with a sentence they can easily tweet.
  3. Summary. Provide a longer paragraph that explains in more detail what your product does and how it works. Provide one or more examples of how this will work in practice.

Finish your release by adding extra information like pricing, availability, technical specifications, industry information and any other details.

Below is a completely made up news release in slightly formal press release format:

Bigmother launches new device in order to allow moms to monitor the way their offspring drive

UK based company will release new GPS-tracking service today aimed at taxi drivers starting in central London.

PITCH - ACME launches GPS-fencing service to revolutionize a change for taxi-drivers' crazy driving habits #taxiproblem #london #bigmother

LONDON - It's a long standing problem that taxi-drivers have crazy driving habits. But not if it's up to ACME - a London based startup that will launch a new product aiming to solve this problem. The service will allow taxi drivers to attach a small hardware device to their car in order to let their mothers monitor their driving habits.It's a fun and revolutionary new way to trigger the desired behaviour of a notoriously difficult target audience. The UK based company will release their new GPS-monitoring service for taxi drivers, starting in central London, today.

Styling and specifications

The device will be available in three different colors: yellow, black and a nondescript transparent color in order to match London's prevailing taxi colors. In addition to the  hardware device there will be an iPhone app that allows mothers to follow their sons' driving in real-time, and offer driving feedback based on actual driving data such as total speed, acceleration  and braking patterns.

Pricing and availability

The packages for Bigmother will be free at launch but eventually the business model hinges on mothers caring more about the lives of their children than having a meal each day thus the pricing will "rather hefty".

Imagine your mom always slapping you in the face every time you drive too fast, or too slow. You would never drive poorly again. This is game changing Spif, CEO Bigmother
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Location based services have further evolved into GPS fencing as can be seen in ACME's new mobile version of the service.

Industry information

GPS Fencing

The technology that enables this fundamentally new approach is called GPS fencing and is anything that uses a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. An often quoted example is child location services, which can notify parents if a child leaves a designated area.

Progress increasingly fasterWith the proliferation of smart phones and GPS enabled devices in recent years it's no surprise that new services will be launched that leverage this technology. One of the many areas where there have not traditionally been any adequate offerings is GPS enabled discovery and notifications. Only recently have some of the players such as startup X or boring corporate Y been making some progress in this field.

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